Omni-Man Cosplay

Omni-Man from Invincible

The Omni-Man costume is one of the most easily recognizable among superhero lovers. Born on his home planet, Viltrum, Omni-Man is a powerful character in the series, Invincible. He and the rest of his kind use their powers for good. They believe it is their calling to protect various planets. On Earth, he is called Omni-Man, but his real name is Nolan.

Omni-Man displays a personality for most shows that mirrors that of a superhero. He is brave, heroic, and helpful. Omni-Man is always willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good. He seems to be the good guy for a long while. Once he kills the Guardians of the Globe, people begin to see that he might appear more sinister than he appears. This is when his hidden personality starts to show, one that stems from his Viltrumite side.

Omni Man
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